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Madam President, I appreciate the fact I did not object and counsel did lay foundation. The foundation in my submission would be appropriate for the witness on the basis of common knowledge living in Sierra Leone and her education and the like to indicate that, yes, to her general knowledge she is aware of variations in spellings in various places in Sierra Leone.

I am standing up to note an objection with respect to the veracity or accuracy of any spellings she gives in respect of these places that she knows. There is a distinction between the two. There would have to be some kind of foundation that she has some kind of expertise and sufficient training in proposing accurate spellings for these places.

So my objection is to the extent counsel expects this Court to accept the spellings she puts forth as accurate, there has to be more foundation that she has sufficient training about the accurate spellings of these places. It's a distinction that is different from her having general knowledge that places have different names.

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