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So when we reached Congo Town they opened the gates and Chucky and Campare, they were ahead of - they went inside the compound and they were directing the car inside. So when they went inside both of them - by then my own hood, the bag like or something that they blindfolded me with, has gone off while we were travelling on the road, so I could able to see around, and after some time Mr Charles Taylor himself came outside with some other people, some other officials.

So they came and - because our mouth was Sellotape. So he walked directly to us and when he came it was then he asked one of the soldiers, one of the ATU soldiers who were guarding us inside the car that they should take this Sellotape from our mouths. So he did and after he did Mr Charles Taylor said if we are the guys that refuse to go to our country to fight when we are most needed and we never said anything.

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