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Yes. So I am trying to explain something that when we came the group, because we were plenty. I have said we were more than 10 to 15 people. So that day the person named number 3, when me and him made the first escape, after they brought the other guys to see where they were going to execute him so they were just few people. And this time after we made escape, me, the person named number 4 and the person named number 6, so the person named number 6 they killed him during the time we were making the escape, me and the person named number 4. So when they arrested us and brought us, me and the person named number 4, we two were the ones that they were beating when this message came so that Papay wanted to see us in Monrovia. And they were crazy, beating us, melting this plastic on us, this candle and other things, cigarettes, so it was then that they tied us again and blind folded us and loaded us inside the jeeps to Monrovia.

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