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Yes, so we were still trying to escape. We were on our escape route now. Our mind - because we knew if we were caught then we are going to be killed and so we were trying to take our time, but we don't know the place and we are just going around the camp until we just - there was a road. We tried to go across the road, because we were following this bush path, and we just met the group of soldiers, the ATUs. They rushed on us, arrested us again and started beating us. So my friend was fighting against - the person named number 4, he was fighting against them until they stripped us naked and took us again to the camp.

So when we went to the camp by then Campare was there and Chucky and all the other guys, so they started beating us. They started beating us mercilessly. Everyone was kicking us, stepping on us, all these things, so Campare wanted to kill us. So it was then that I saw another man - another soldier - who was coming around saying to them that, "A message from Papay." So, Chucky received the message and came towards Campare. He was very, very angry and said, "Papay want to see these men." When he said "Papay", he was referring to Charles Taylor of course. So, he said he want to see these men. So, it was then they started beating us, they started melting candle wax on us, on our privates, on our buttocks and so on.

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