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They cut the toes - the ten toes - of his foot. They cut them off and so he was having - he was having that pain. He could not able to walk as we could, so while we were making this escape through the swamp into the forest and after some distance, because during our escape I don't know if they were around, or whatsoever, so they started chasing us, we were running, so he could not make it like we could then. So we heard him shouting and we heard some gun shot and so he was killed, I believe that, and we continued our journey. We travelled that whole night. We hid ourselves in the forest - the rubber plantation forest - and so after we heard no noise we continued our journey in the bush. So - and this time we were just going around this camp. We were just going around this camp until daybreak. For the rest of the day we were there around in the afternoon, or evening.

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