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Yes, sir, we were brought back to the camp. We were naked and they were beating us, every part of our body. They beat us so much that I could hardly see. My eyes were swollen. They brought us to the camp and we were seated in front of Chucky, and when he came he asked his men to go and get all the other guys from the pit and that he is coming to teach us lesson. It was then that it happened for me to know the name of the place. So when they came with other guys he was addressing us that this Camp Gbatala nobody could make an escape and if anybody made an escape you could be killed, and that he is coming to kill the person - he is coming to kill the person named number 3. So, whilst standing they were still beating us, the others came out of the pit. They stood in front of us. We were like this two of us and the other guys were about - behind us.

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