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Okay. What I mean by "as usual" was the way they took us from St Paul bridge to the Gbarnga police station, sir. So after they came, because the ropes on our feet were loosing and they forced us to go across the road, the main highway that could lead you to Monrovia from Gbarnga, where the vehicles they were inside were standing. So when we reached across the road, we went across the road towards the vehicle, so they started tying people again and I start fighting against.

So it was the time Chucky Taylor came and hit me. They forced me on the ground. Then he tied me himself. He tied me on my - as they did, the same way with the same rope that they used to tie me with because they just slacked the rope, something like that. So - and they loaded us again inside their jeeps. Then they drove us to this camp that I could call the Gbatala camp.

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