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Yes, sir. While they have done this and he asked his men to tie the rest of us and we were then - we were then stripped naked and we were tied on both arms. Like, for example, they tied the one hand with a rope and they have to force this hand behind your back so that it could meet with the other hand. And they would tie both hands so that your chest would get outside like the way I am demonstrating here and you could be in this position while both elbows have touched each other at the back. And when they tied you in this form, then they have to tie your feet from the ankle and when they tie it from the ankle they would take that feet and bring it to your neck. They will force them to your neck and the rope that is connected from your ankle will pass through under the rope that is connected on your elbow and they will extend that same process to the top of your arm towards your shoulder. We called this type of tie a tie-bay in Sierra Leone or in Liberia. This is the local way we call it, tie-bay.

So they will tie-bay you and then you would be in this circle form where your foot - your feet would be on your shoulder and your hands would be together like this. Then you would be in this uncomfortable position until later like this, sir.

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