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And at this checkpoint when Chucky came he was very angry, so he was having the pistol in his hand and he was walking across the people. We were seated at the back of the MP office, but there were a lot of women around, our wives, our sisters, our relatives, people that were in that particular group, the men that were in that particular group, the relatives of us. So they were there waiting for our release.

So when Chucky came he was angry and he started shouting against the soldiers that he doesn't want to see these women around, they should drive them away. So they pushed them off, they drive them off and we that were sitting on the ground, he came - he went directly to us and he stood in front of us and said he heard that there are rebels and Kamajors among us and that for your best you should stand out of this group. You know, it was like intimidating us, trying to terrorise us, or trying to get something from us. And by proving his anger or --

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