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Well, there were thousands of people fleeing the conflict in Voinjama, sir. In that truck there were so many people that the truck could carry, of course, because people were fighting to just leave that place and that day we slept to Zorzor. There is a town called Zorzor. It is between Voinjama and Gbarnga on the Monrovia Highway. We came in the morning and we spent the whole night travelling and we had a break for some time in Zorzor.

So after Zorzor, in the morning I was - we on boarded the truck and we were heading towards Monrovia Highway, the road that could lead to Gbarnga. So that morning, when we came at the St Paul River bridge, there was a checkpoint there, some kilometres to Gbarnga city, and at that checkpoint we were detained, because when you reached the checkpoint everybody has to get down the truck, or the car, or whatever means you are travelling with and go through security personnels.

So at this checkpoint we were asked, we the men, to go on one way, the women and children one way, the people who were more elderly people, or above 40s, or something, or 50s, they were asked to go another way. They mostly concentrated on young people above 10 years and so. So when we went to this checkpoint we were detained there. So some of us, they carried us behind the Military Police office. We were there and among we that were there, some people, some security, will come and try to - were asking some people that could return back to Voinjama, or some people who could volunteer to go and fight, or something. So we - me and/or we that refused returning back to Voinjama, we were placed behind this MP office.

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