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Well, we were there until Voinjama was attacked, sir. 7 April is my daughter's birthday, so we were - me and my - me and the person named number 2 was in - I was in Voinjama to celebrate my daughter's birthday. So we were there about some days. We went back to Kolahun. So a week later Voinjama was attacked and while in Kolahun that morning hearing this news, so we managed to get a car and we came towards Voinjama. There was a village very closer to Voinjama and there we met our family and they were fine. So we decided to go back to Kolahun, but other people, the group, we argued and my wife said we should go to Monrovia, not Kolahun, so we get a truck, one WFP truck that were carrying food and people by then, with thousands - plenty of people who were in Voinjama after the attack forcing their way out, so we all on boarded this truck towards Gbarnga, sir. On that same day --

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