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I saw them the last day after they have spent weeks in Voinjama. That day they were walking from the Mandingo quarter of Voinjama, because they were coming down the road that could lead you to Mandingo quarter, going down to the road that could lead you to Kolahun which could also take you to Sierra Leone. Their cars were parked very closer to my shop area, my kiosk, and down this road, while they were walking, their securities were by their sides. General Mosquito, Chucky Taylor, Campare, all of them were - Victor and other important people of the organisations were walking down the road towards their cars and on the way they were talking to people who were curious, like myself, looking at them to try to identify who these guys were. So Mosquito was talking to some of the Sierra Leone people. It was really that time I saw them walking and they went into their cars, their jeeps, and they drove towards Sierra Leone, sir.

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