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No, sir, there were a lot of RUF members coming and going from Voinjama, sir. For example, after CO Victor have visited, because CO Victor usually come to Voinjama and there were a lot of RUF there of course, so any time General Mosquito came from Sierra Leone - for the first time I saw him in Voinjama and when he came, he went to Monrovia. After he came - after he went to Monrovia - because CO Victor has promised us that Chucky Taylor will come and those people who are going to sign the contract, we have to meet with Chucky Taylor first. So after General Mosquito went to Liberia on that same trip, when he was coming he was with Chucky Taylor and there was another AD called Campare, they said he was AD to the President, Charles Taylor, and many other people. There were some Arab people like and they came in some jeeps, some SUV and some trucks.

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