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Well, really, sir, my kiosk, it began with a very small table and developed to a very big or medium like business. People of all these backgrounds used to come there, buy palm wine, cigarettes, beer, stout, whatever they could meet on that particular place. So it was like a place where people could come and interact. Security forces used to come to this place and it was a very - it was a place where people got all type of information, because when anybody come, business people, security forces, civilians who are working, every type of people when they come, they discuss their present situation or the present situation that was going on there.

So during, for example, when I was - when people, the security forces or the SODs, or it could be the ATU, the SSS, the SOD, the AFRC, RUF, when they come there they explain about the situation that is in Sierra Leone. The security forces of Liberia explains about the situation that is happening in Sierra Leone, that had happened in Sierra Leone and that is going to happen in Sierra Leone and the surroundings. So it was a very, very, very common place to get any type of information.

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