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Well, all these groups have a very clear identification, sir. For example, the SODs, they were well dressed in black overall like with their rifles all the time and the SSS were dressed in a blue camouflage like or uniform like. The immigrations and the custom officers, of course they were dressed in civilian dress. That was how they were dressed. The ATU were dressed in this American like camouflage and the - I don't know if I have mentioned the RUF when I was naming these security groups because they too were part of the security there. They were also - they were having half camouflage and half civil shirt, but they could be identified by the way they speak because they are all Sierra Leoneans, most of them. All of them were Sierra Leone and they speak most of the Sierra Leonean tribes, Mende, Temne, any of the different tribes in Sierra Leone. They were very, very simple to identify.

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