The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Thank you, Madam President. Thank you, counsel. The Chamber will recall that on 14 March 2008, in a decision in respect of a Defence motion to have access to certain documents from the RUF trial, Revolutionary United Front trial, in particular from the defence of the accused Issa Hassan Sesay, the Chamber granted the Defence the right to have access to certain Defence documents from the Sesay team. The CMS number for that decision is 439. The relevant portions of the orders that make up the constituent parts of that decision put some limitations on what use, if any, we can make of such materials that we obtain from the Sesay team. In particular, page 5 of the decision, and the CMS page number is 16359, states that, "The Taylor Defence shall not share or reveal any disclosed Sesay Defence witness related non-public materials to any entity." My reading of that portion of the decision means we have to seek leave of the Chamber to hand over any such materials to anybody else. So in the first instance I would --

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