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After CO Issa had sent for the ammunition and all the materials to be taken to Kono, they took them there and I went back to Segbwema. CO Issa later sent a message from Kono asking us to go to Pendembu to meet the brigade commander, that is CO Denis, 1st Brigade commander. He said we should go there and receive our materials from him. Myself and another commando who was in Segbwema, called Pass-Away, both of them went there and we received 50 AK-47 rifles, the ones with the long butts. We received those from him and we placed them in a small vehicle and we took them to Segbwema, but we entered at night because civilians were amongst us and so we decided to enter with those things quietly that nobody would know about them. We shared - we distributed the arms amongst us, the commandos, so that we will sit there quietly and in case of any torment we will be able to defend ourselves.

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