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We went to the commander who was residing in Bomaru, because by then the RUF were still deployed in all of those areas and we told him that we came for those materials and that we should transport them to Pendembu. So they gave us manpower and those manpower carried the loads on their head to go to Pendembu. But Prince Kosia and I still used the motorbike and we used the main highway to go back. But as they were going, when they went to a different town the soldiers who were in that town also will give manpower and they will travel to the next town and when they got to another town they will stop there also and those residing in that town will give another manpower.

From Pendembu they went up to Manowa ferry and a vehicle moved from Pendembu and went to Manowa ferry and they took it back to Kailahun. So, Prince Kosia went back to Kailahun and I went to Pendembu.

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