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And he, General 50, gave us chairs and we sat down. He is a short man. I gave him the letter. I gave the letter to General 50 and he opened the letter. He read it and he closed it again and he said, "Okay, gentlemen, we will have to pass the night here and then tomorrow you will return. I will have to talk to the Father. I will talk to the Father and by tomorrow you will return."

He called on one of the ground soldiers who was referred to as ground commander and General 50 told him, "Now we have got strangers you have to find a place for them to lodge" and then they lodged us. They gave us some food to eat and we ate, Prince Kosia and I. The following morning they gave us food again, we ate. Around 10 to 11 in the morning General 50 called us and we went to him at his house. He said, "Gentlemen, the things you have come for, they are ready."

Then we left his house and we went to another place where there were two vehicles waiting. That is myself, General Kosia and his own bodyguards. We met two vehicles, a Land Rover Defender and a pick-up, a Hilux pick-up. There were ammunition in the vehicles and he gave us the vehicles and the ammunition and said, "You are here for this ammunition so we have to give you them to carry them." So he gave me fuel and I filled my tank, my motorbike tank and he gave me two gallons of fuel in reserve and I tied them by the side of the motorbike and Prince Kosia sat at the back.

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