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Myself and Prince Kosia, we went to Vahun to General 50 and we entered Vahun. We met the soldiers there. They stopped us and we stopped, Prince Kosia and I, and the soldiers asked us - those soldiers, the Liberian soldiers who we met there, and we told them that it was CO Issa who sent us to General 50 to bring a letter. By then I had given the letter to Prince because I was riding the bike and Prince took out the letter and we showed them.

They pointed the house to us. In fact one led us to the place. He said, "Gentlemen, let's go" and we followed him and then he took us to General 50. Luckily for us we met him sitting down playing music. There was a tape recorder close to him and he was listening to it, 50. We went, myself and Kosia, we met General 50. We greeted him and he answered us. We took out the letter and we gave it to him and we told him, "We are from Sierra Leone, it is CO Issa who sent us and CO Issa said we should bring this letter to you" and we gave him the letter.

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