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Well, those of us the RUF who were in Segbwema, including the AFRC who were there with us, we also wrote a report to CO Issa in Kono and we gave him the information, that is CO Issa, that that was the kind of situation with us and that we had already disarmed and since Foday Sankoh had already been disarmed and been arrested in Freetown the Kamajors are now tormenting us here.

At a point in time CO Issa wrote a letter and gave it to Gbessay Ngobeh and I was in Segbwema when Gbessay Ngobeh brought the letter and in Segbwema also I had a motorcycle. Gbessay Ngobeh gave me the letter and he asked me that CO Issa said I should take the letter to General 50 in Vahun. So I moved from Segbwema and I went to Pendembu, but I passed through there.

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