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Well, two disarmaments took place in Sierra Leone after the Lome Peace Accord. The first one was the one signed by Foday Sankoh. When I said by then he left Komende, that was Foday Sankoh and General Opande. They came to Segbwema to visit us. Foday Sankoh and General Opande came and we received them in Segbwema. He told us about the Lome Peace Accord and he told us that he had gone and signed the Lome Peace Accord and that we should not fire guns any more and that we shouldn't fight and that those of us who were on that axis, very close to Daru and Kailahun, we were the first people who were to start the disarmament to prove to the international community that the peace he had signed he had started implementing it. So, he spoke to us and General Opande also spoke to us and then they went back.

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