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I may have missed this, but my understanding of the evidence and the questions posed to the witness a few minutes ago - counsel asked the witness - I am reading from page 79 and I am using a 12 point font. At line 11 the question posed was:

"You said that some Black Guard securities ... To your knowledge who were these Black Guard securities who at that time went to Foday Sankoh in Freetown?"

The witness's answer was: "Well, I can remember the ones that Foday Sankoh came with to Segbwema, like Gbessay Ngobeh, he Jackson Swarray, Augustine Pyne", and so on.

The witness did not answer the question of which Black Guard members joined Foday Sankoh in Freetown. He was responding to the people he saw with Foday Sankoh in Segbwema. When we go down to the question being posed right now, and it is page 80 starting at my line 5 - the question counsel poses is:

"So you told us that the Black Guard commander and several of the Black Guards went there. What else, if anything, were you told about the people who went there to be with Foday Sankoh?"

There is a difference between the evidence on record and who was with Foday Sankoh in Segbwema versus who went to Freetown.

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