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Well after they had reached Jumu Kafabu, when they attacked and captured it Sam Bockarie changed my assignment, I and Colonel Harris. He moved us from Koindu and we went as reinforcement to join them for that mission to attack Kenema. It was at Jumu Kafabu that we met the 1st Brigade troops. That was where they were. We met them there. We passed through Bunumbu, Segbwema, Komende Station and then we went to Jumu Kafabu. That was where we met them. We met - the entire town had been burnt down; the entire Jumu Kafabu. It was a fairly big town. They burnt the entire town, but it had a very big mosque. A very big mosque was there because it was a Muslim dominated area. It was only the mosque that was spared in the town. The entire town was burnt. That was where we met them. From there we joined them and we attacked Kenema.

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