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It was Sam Bockarie who was giving the report about how their trip was, what they went to do and what they had brought. That's what he was telling me. He said but there were a lot of dignitaries present in a meeting, even SYB Rogers, the War Council chairman, was present. The front line commanders too were in attendance. Then the Liberian government representative. He said Colonel Jungle and General Ibrahim were in the meeting. All of them were in the meeting together with Abu Keita. They called the name of a man called Abu Keita. He too came from Liberia, this Abu Keita.

They said Sam Bockarie explained about how they travelled, what they brought, whatever transpired during the trip and SYB Rogers, the War Council chairman, thanked them in his address whilst he was addressing the meeting and some other senior officers also spoke, like Morris Kallon. CO Issa too spoke and thanked them and they drew a war plan, how they were to attack Kono and Bunumbu-Segbwema.

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