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So Shabado and others told me that they had drawn a war plan in the meeting. A lot of people attended the meeting. They said almost all the front line commanders attended. He said, "You were the only people that we did not see, but then we understand that you had some pressure on you." He said they had drawn a war plan to go and attack Kono and Segbwema, Bunumbu-Segbwema axis simultaneously and that they were arranging for those men to go their own ammunition. I said, "How about the meeting? Who were the people attending the meeting?" They told me that Colonel Jungle was present and in fact Eddie Kanneh and CO Mosquito were there, the two of them came from the mission, that's the trip that they made to Liberia and Burkina Faso. They said the two of them came back. They said Colonel Jungle was there, General Ibrahim himself was there and Abu Keita and some other Liberians. He said all of them were there. In fact he said Abu Keita was to be with us for the mission. They said they had come. He said --

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