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When I went - the day after the meeting when I went to Buedu, just as usual when I will go I will go to my wife that night and the following morning I went to the ground to CO Mosquito's place on his ground and I met his bodyguards Shabado with the others who were there, Ray. At that time Ray was in Buedu. He too had come from Koindu and gone Buedu. When I went I met them there. They told me, "Abor, why didn't you come for the meeting?" I said, "You know that we had some problem there and I was part of the fighting." That was what I called problem. There was some pressure, those men wanted to advance and I said, "But we burnt down one of their war tanks from them, but we thought they would still attempt to advance on us so we were on a strong defensive, but we heard about the meeting so what was the meeting about?"

So Shabado, Ray and some other men explained to me that Master had come. They said he had come with ammo, a lot of ammo, and in fact he, Eddie Kanneh and others had come. One AFRC strong man who was called Eddie Kanneh, they said he came together with them. They said they went to Liberia to the father and the Pa - they crossed Liberia and they went to Burkina Faso and when they came from Burkina Faso they came back with a lot of ammunition and arms, and when they came back they were even drawing plans for --

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