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Well, I can remember another meeting after Sam Bockarie had gone to Liberia and returned, around the time CO Issa gave us these promotions. At that time Sam Bockarie was not there, he had gone to Liberia. The time he showed me those diamonds, that he was going to the father to discuss with him relating to the situation about the Kono incident, to take Kono.

So when he returned at that time we were still in Koidu and when Sam Bockarie came he convened a general meeting at Waterworks, but I did not attend the meeting when I was in Koindu because at that time we were under some pressure from the enemies in Koindu, so I was not able to attend that meeting. But I went to Buedu the day after the meeting and I heard about the meeting and what the meeting was about. That's how I knew about it, what happened in Buedu, the meeting at Waterworks, Buedu.

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