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Well, when we were in Koindu fighting it was at that time that the promotion came for us when Harris went as battalion commander and I was acting as adjutant. Then CO Issa approved our promotion in rank and he sent - in fact he called. He called and we went for it in Koindu - I mean in Buedu. I went to receive it, the papers, and brought them to Koindu and gave them to my commander, Colonel Harris. He himself, at the time that I went to Koindu, he was a major at that time. So the promotion came for him to become lieutenant colonel, Lieutenant Colonel Harris of that battalion. So I was there from captain to major, as battalion adjutant and the rest of the manpower in the 4th Battalion. I distributed that all over to those who were promoted. I gave them their slips, because it was written on a slip. It was prepared on a slip of paper from CO Issa signed as acting CDS.

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