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The white paper was folded and it was on the stool. After I had explained to him how we and the Guineans had fought he said, "It is this material business that is worrying me." He said, "I am trying to go to Charles Taylor." Then he took this paper, diamonds were in it and he said stones were in it, he called it stones. He said, "I am taking these stones to the Father", because we called Charles Taylor the Father. That was how we used to call him by code, the Father. He said, "These are the stones I am taking to the Father for me to go and get some materials quickly for us to launch a big offensive on those men and to take back Kono." He said, "Just hold tight" and he said, "I am coming. When I come we will go, we will launch an offensive." Then I thanked him. We all sat down, they brought food and we ate together and I bid them farewell and I went back to my house where I was.

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