The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

He called that meeting in Buedu in 1998. It was at that time that he called the meeting when we went and met him. So when everybody had explained his situation - in fact it was at that time that he said that it looks like he himself should go, he himself should go and meet Charles Taylor to explain to him that that was the situation that was on the ground. By then that was - at that time we were approaching the end of 1998, October/November, around November, early November. It was at that time. I can remember that time, because when he went it was not too long. He left CO Issa in charge as acting CDS. It was then that the 4th Battalion in Koindu, we received our promotions approved by CO Issa. At that time Sam Bockarie was not there. He had gone to Liberia to meet Charles Taylor.

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