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I am sorry, my Lord, yes. I saw him at two meetings. One meeting that Sam Bockarie called for front line commanders and their clerks, all the front line commanders explained what the situation was on the front lines. He himself, him Rashid Sandy, called a meeting for all adjutants and all clerks. After we had captured Kono and had advanced, there was a mass promotion. People started promoting themselves to ranks that was not with the approval of the CDS, or the GSO, so he called that meeting. There were disputes in the revolution, so he called that meeting and addressed all adjutants and all clerks, because there were some commanders who were illiterate. They were not literate. So the adjutants and clerks were preparing documents and writing promotions for some soldiers who were not supposed to carry such promotions. So he called that meeting and advised and advised. Then he did a memo as to how people should attain a promotion in the rank and file of the position where you were. So it was at that time that I saw Rashid Sandy again.

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