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That attack on Koindu was from June to December. It was on 24 December 1998. They crossed the river. They crossed the first village. They came two miles. There was a hill. From the main road you would have to branch to about 200 metres and you would go up the hill. The hill was a little higher. You go up that hill and you will see Koindu underneath you. So it was on top of that hill that the Guineans deployed.

That was where they set their artillery, their manpower, all of them went there. They were there and they were shooting into Koindu. They were sitting right inside Koindu. There were some areas where there were large trees, if passed there they will not see you, but they were seeing into the main town of Koindu. So they stayed there, we were fighting against them there. That was where they left. They were there and they would leave Guinea and they would change there. They would relieve the others who were there. Some would be coming and others would be going.

So when we had the reinforcement, when Colonel Harris and others came with the manpower we bypassed them and set an ambush from where they were based on top of the hill to the riverside. So we suppressed them in an ambush. Each time they moved from the riverside to come to the hilltop we would allow them to pass through us. They were going to the riverside, they would fall into our ambush, we would kill some of this them and run away.

That is what we did from June up to 24 December. Then they left the hillside, the hilltop, and came back down the riverside, but they did not cross over. They were deployed on the Sierra Leonean end under some mango trees. That was where they deployed and up to now they are there. In fact that had become a problem between the Sierra Leonean government and the Guinean government because they are alleging that that was their place so they will never go across. So that's a diplomatic issue now. They are on that now for them to go over. Up to now as I am speaking they are there.

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