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Especially 16 June. 16 June is a day that I knew about even before the war that it is the Day of the African Child where sometimes in South Africa a lot of black children were killed in South Africa. So that day had been declared as the Day of the African Child. So when that day comes, like this June that we are in now, on the 16th, like for us in Sierra Leone, when that day comes you will see the children, the small children, between ages five, six, up to 14, they will be dressed. Some will be dressed as lawyers, others like the judges there, some others like the police to suggest that they were the future. They had a future of tomorrow but that they had been killed in South Africa. So that day is in memory of those children who were killed. That some would have been judges, police, presidents and soldiers. So that's how I came to remember that day and up until now I can remember that day, the Day of the African Child.

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