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Well, we received a radio message from Sam Bockarie, on our grounds in Koindu, that the battalion commander and the adjutants, including two representatives, should report in Buedu headquarters for a meeting, or a forum, because that was how we used to refer to it. We never used to refer to it as a meeting. We said forum. So we went there, but we did not know actually that the message had gone - had spread all over. So those who were in the jungles and the others from the other battalions, Pendembu and other areas, they also came. So we went to that meeting and it was during that meeting that I saw Colonel Jungle. It was a meeting concerning Issa Sesay and the agenda was around Issa Sesay and the pressure on RUF/AFRC by the ECOMOG, and the CDF and the way forward, and how we could try and have nice things. That was the agenda.

The issue with Issa Sesay was that Sam Bockarie had given diamonds to Issa Sesay to be taken to Charles Taylor in Liberia and when he went, according to Issa Sesay, I think he stayed there for about a week or so and he returned and on his return he reported that he had - the diamonds had got missing. So that was what he said and that was the reason why Sam Bockarie called that meeting for him to be able to explain to everyone that that was the situation and that in the RUF we did not have any other way or means to get materials. It was only through the diamonds that we got, that we will pass over to Charles Taylor and he will provide us with arms and ammunition, but now that Issa Sesay has gone to Liberia to present these diamonds and on his return he has reported that the diamonds got missing, he was now trying to ask us all, the congregation, what we could do about that and it was during that meeting that I saw Colonel Jungle. He was seated over the high table and in fact he brought with him another person that was a Liberian general and I asked a colleague of mine, who was close to me, that who was that other Liberian general that was seated close to Colonel Jungle and he told me it was General Ibrahim, and it was during that meeting that I saw Colonel Jungle.

After Sam Bockarie had given us his bits and he also told us that we had some visitors that had come to join us and after which Sam Bockarie introduced Colonel Jungle and General Ibrahim during the meeting. After he had done the introduction, Colonel Jungle also got up and addressed the meeting and he said - he thanked Sam Bockarie and all of us who came to attend the meeting and that he was praying that the cause of the revolution will be successful. He said he was there to tell us that the RUF and the AFRC and the relationship between them was recognised by Charles Taylor, and that he was saying that although we have been pushed out of the city, we shouldn't worry ourselves, but that he was advising that we try and get hold over Kono, because that was where we will get our resources.

Then he also discussed the maintenance of an airstrip. There was an airstrip that we were trying to construct behind Buedu and he said we should also try, as fast as possible, to construct that airstrip, because in case of any emergency landing of materials, the aircraft will have to land there. So it was during that meeting that I again saw Colonel Jungle.

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