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Like for instance if you were fortunate to come across Sam Bockarie himself, because Sam Bockarie was a man who as long as somebody was dedicated to his front line and was dedicated to defending his ground, like for instance the time we were in Koindu and if there was a bombardment against there, Buedu was just seven miles away from Koindu and if they had bombardment around Koindu it was - they will run away very quickly. Because Koindu was very short to Buedu, I will sometimes move from Koindu and come to Buedu and I will go to his ground. If you were a senior man who came from your own ground to his own ground and you were there, you will have to present yourself to him for him to know that you were on the ground and he will be able to know that you had left your deployment ground and that you were on his own ground.

Sometimes I will go and visit him, I will go to his place and I will meet him, I will sit with him and I will discuss with him and if there were any developments, he was bold enough to explain to us. If there were developments that he was undertaking for the revolution, he will tell us. He wouldn't want the combatants or the civilians to feel that he was only - he was only doing things out of his own selfish ends. So he would always explain to us that he was trying for us to get materials, or that materials had arrived, or that food had arrived. So he will always explain to us and besides his boys - I mean his bodyguards, like Mohamed Banya, Shabado, Ray and others who were with us, we used to have such discussions with them. They used to explain to us. Those were not hidden things, because in the RUF we did not have any other way to get materials except through Charles Taylor.

Almost all the original civilians in the RUF and the original combatants in the RUF all knew that it was only through Charles Taylor that we used to get our food supply for us to be able to fight in our revolution and if there were no supplies the revolution looked - it looked boring because nobody will want to just sit like that and sometimes they will want to send food to the borders where there were high level manpower. So he was a man who was so bold that at any time people went to Kailahun and they met him, he will explain things to us and it was from such discussions that we knew that our supplies came from Charles Taylor, from Liberia.

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