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Just like I had said before, in the RUF we used to discuss with each other, especially when the high commands were sitting together. I refer to myself as high command because I was also a senior officer. So if I went out and returned, if there was any latest development on the ground, like in Kailahun, the other senior men whom I will meet there will explain to me. I will ask them, I will say, "What is the news around?" And then during privileged conversations we will explain to one another and they will tell me that, "You were not here of course but Jungle came around but he has returned." And then I will also explain to them when I went to Freetown what happened there. Those were not things that were hidden amongst us. We did not hide things from each other, because we will always want to know from each other what the latest developments were on the individual grounds. So that was how I came to know about most of the events that took place.

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