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Now, Mr Witness, yesterday you told us about your trip to Foya Tenga in 1998 to take a letter from Sam Bockarie to Jungle and I will be referring to page 11023 to 11027 of the transcript of yesterday. Now, you testified that during your trip to Foya Tenga in 1998, that was the first time for you to meet Jungle in person, but you said you had been seeing him before in RUF territories and then you testified that when Jungle entered the RUF territories he was not somebody that used - he did not enter in secret and you said that he was somebody who travelled frequently between the RUF and Charles Taylor, and you said that "He was travelling between Charles Taylor and Sam Bockarie frequently. Everybody knew about that. We all knew about it." Now, Mr Witness, what time period before your trip to Foya Tenga was Jungle travelling between the RUF and Charles Taylor?

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