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Thank you, Mr Witness. Now yesterday you gave some evidence about Sam Bockarie using a satellite phone and that you saw Sam Bockarie in Koindu. Now I am referring to the transcript of yesterday, pages 11011, lines 8 to 14, and pages 11012, lines 19 to 23.

Now you testified about this communication from Koindu on your birthday and you said that Sam Bockarie communicated with Liberia using a sat phone and then you described the sat phone and you said: "He had a pouch and the pouch had a zip around it and then he opened the zip and then he took the face off the screen and then it was on his lap. He took the phone and he started pressing some buttons and he started communicating."

Now first, Mr Witness, what do you mean when you said that Sam Bockarie had a pouch with a zip around it?

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