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Well the Action Force at that time in Kono, when we were in Bunumbu, because at the time that Kono was captured when CO Mohamed captured Kono, Kono was the first big town that the RUF captured that was rich, that had a lot of property which other commanders could go and take. But it came to a time like even when we were in Bunumbu, those who were in Kuiva, Baiima, they were hiding away, the soldiers. They would hide from Baiima, or Kuiva, or Bunumbu, to go to Kono to go and get the property that they want, or to loot the properties that they want to loot, and so they would leave their grounds to go there. So the complaint accumulated so much that CO Mohamed started arresting them, whoever left his own target, because at that time we used to give passes to people when they were travelling from one point to the other. They will give you a written document to clear you that you've been authorised to travel from this point to the other point. So even if you came across a senior officer, or a senior security who asks you for your pass, if you take it out and show it to him that security would not do you anything, but it came to a time when our colleague commandos, junior commandos, went to Kono without passes because they want to go and loot in Kono.

So CO Mohamed organised this action force at some strategic points in Kono. So when you entered Kono they would ask you for your pass. If you hadn't a pass they would take you to where he was, the CO Mohamed, the house where he was at the ground. You would be beaten mercilessly, you would be beaten mercilessly and sent back to your target where you had come from, because they were calling those soldiers AWOL soldiers, that was how they called them, AWOL soldiers. That was what I experienced that was happening in Kono.

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