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I can read the relevant portion of the transcript, Madam President. The question posed by counsel - and on my screen it's at page 7, starting at line 8 - was:

"Q. And when you said that it came from the high command,

what did you mean by high command?

A. Like Foday Sankoh, who was the leader of the

revolution. Later I came to know that he was the only one

who should use expressions like those."

Then comes the next question:

"Q. And why was he the only one who could use - could send

a directive?

A. According to my understanding, because he was the

overall leader in the revolution, so he was the only one

that had the right to - the authority to use that


My understanding of the witness's evidence is that the expression to which he's referring is this characterisation of high command, as Foday Sankoh being the only person to which that expression is associated, versus Foday Sankoh being the only person who can issue a directive. It's not an objection, I just seek clarification and it's up to - I'm in the Court's hands, basically.

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