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Whilst we were on the base they had base securities. The instructors were there and they had the base securities who looked after us, those of us the recruits. They were there to ensure that no recruits escaped from the base, so I think those securities saw them trying to escape and they caught them and then they brought them back to the instructors and they handed them over. So where we were, those of us the recruits, where we were kept, they referred to the place as the billet. So whilst we were in the billet we heard them calling for formation, formation, formation. So all of us ran to the assembly ground, because as a recruit when you heard that you should run to the assembly ground. When we got there they brought them in front of us and they were tied. They had beaten them up seriously.

Then CO Sam Tuah came and when he came they explained the situation to him and then they told him that these men were trying to escape. So right in our presence at that time we were there standing and CO Sam Tuah turned to us and told us and he said, "Now I am going to set an example for all of us standing here that anyone amongst you who attempts - and now we are here, we are trying to train you guys to fight for your country and you are trying to escape, so now I will set an example and if anybody attempts like these guys have done we will do the same thing to you."

And right in my presence that was my first time that I saw that kind of thing happen in my presence, the killing of a human being in our presence. CO Sam Tuah took out his pistol and shot the two men, the two guys in our presence and both of them went down to the ground. And he turned to us, he started pointing fingers at us that, "If anybody attempts escaping like these people did I will do the same thing to you."

So right from that moment I was so panicked on that base, because we had been thinking about escaping from the base then this kind of thing happened in our presence. So that was one of the things that happened in my presence on that base that created so much panic in me over the whole training that was going on in Pendembu.

So he turned towards some of the recruits and asked them to drag the guys to the other side and then the two of them, they dragged them to a nearby bush. I can't tell whether they were buried now or they only threw them into the bush and came back. So that was one of the things that happened in my presence at the base.

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