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Well, like during the training - actually when we were captured at Bunumbu and when they took us to the training base and whilst we are training, some of my friends and I actually decided to escape because the type of training that we were undergoing and when they told us that we were going to fight a war, we found it very difficult and moreover I was a college student at that time and I was thinking about completing my course, but whilst we were planning, at a point in time on the base two recruits amongst us, because we were all recruits at that time, they decided to escape. They attempted it. They almost escaped, but they were caught and when they caught them in the bush they brought them back to the base. They were stripped naked and they tied their hands on their backs. They referred to that action as tiebay [phon]. They were seriously beaten and brought back to the base. So when they arrived on the base they called for a formation and when they called for a formation all of us would come and then we will assemble and stand in categories: The SBUs would be in their own category, the men and the women. So they brought the two of them in front of us. So we thought it was an unfortunate situation for us and that was the time CO Sam Tuah came. CO Sam Tuah came.

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