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The Presiding Judge is speaking here, "Mr Witness, please pause, the interpreter asks if you will repeat the name of the force. Just the name, thank you." You answer, "They were referring to that particular ATU at that time as the Demon Forces." Then further, in line 18 to 20 of that same page, you are asked - well, line 19, your Honour, you are asked by counsel, "I see that, your Honour", and then you say, "What I understand from that pronunciation was that they are talking about Demon, you know, Demon, because they said that they did not talk to people at that time, so the forces --" I think you were asked to spell at that stage. What did you mean when you said they did not talk to people? You're talking about Demon Forces and you said they did not talk to people. What did you mean?

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