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Yes, sir. The list we are seeing here, I think your comparison brought an idea to me, sir. You are referring to this particular list here of this per diem payment as the list of all those that were on the first list I showed - they showed to me here, that it was like the group on that list were supposed to be here. I want to make - I want the Court to understand that the various lists you are talking about here, there were three categories of lists when you are making this comparison. The other one was the one that we - was the one that had those of us that graduated with our batch and the other one, these that came after us. The payment that I was talking about in relation to our salary, I was always paid under my battalion, not under the brigade headquarters, you see, and this list that I'm seeing here, I think this was the time that we left and were out there, those of us who left our assignment areas officially that were to be paid under our battalions. These per diems were given according to this list this person prepared and I don't even know whether this was the correct list that was prepared at that time, because I do not know the source that you got it from. But from what I have seen here this was the per diem that they gave to us in our absence, so it is not possible that those of us who graduated at that particular time, you will find everybody on this list and those that graduated after us you will find everybody here, because we had different categories in which these payments were.

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