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I stopped my vehicle and I asked everybody in the vehicle to get down and salute the convoy, as I recognised that Benjamin Yeaten's pick-up was amongst the convoy, some SS jeep were amongst the convoy, I mean the Special Security Unit that were under Charles Taylor, and the jeep was in the convoy and I knew that the convoy that they were talking about that took Sam Bockarie along, that might have been the convoy. So we saluted them and Benjamin Yeaten, who knew me before, stopped and I saluted him especially and he signaled to me to approach him. When I walked closer to him he asked me where I was coming from and I said I was coming from the combat camp, and he asked where I was going to and I explained to him that I was sent by Tiagen One and he just waved to me, something like asking me to go back. When I turned round to go to my jeep one of his close allies at that time, who was also a Sierra Leonean that crossed with us at that time with Sam Bockarie, by the name of Salami, drove closer to my vehicle and he ordered all the men in my vehicle with the exception of the one armed man assigned to me by Tiagen One to be disarmed and without resisting any orders we gave all our weapons that we had on us from the combat camp to him. From that point he too assigned some other armed men into my vehicle and they were threatening that the orders that had been given to them should not be taken lightly and they asked me to drive and join the convoy as they were moving ahead towards Monrovia Highway.

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