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After almost an hour's flight, when we finally landed at the airport I never knew where we landed at that time, but we left on the plane - because only 21 of us were at the back of the plane, with the exception of the pilots who were piloting the plane. So Joe Tuah alighted from the plane and the pilot also. I was looking through the window of the plane and they walked to the securities who were in uniform standing. They were discussing something I did not know, but while we were looking at the sign boards along the airport I saw the spelling of Ouagadougou airport, so I knew that we were in Burkina Faso.

So a few minutes later Joe Tuah returned to the plane and said that they were waiting for a bus to come and we will get into the bus, and within that period a bus came with only the driver in it. When we alighted from the plane, about two steps from the plane we were in the bus. We all got into the bus and Joe Tuah stayed behind. Then the driver drove us through Ouagadougou until we finally continued our journey throughout the day until midnight. We crossed the border. According to the description that was made to us later, we crossed closer to the Mali-Burkina-Ivory Coast borders. One of the big towns along the border that night that we stopped at was Korhogo.

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