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All these areas were used during the training, but to make it clear to you when we entered on the base initially the area I described about a mile distance from the area where this detention area was was where they first took us for almost two weeks. This area was more or less they said an introductory part of the training that, you know, whenever you were strong enough to recover from that particular area then you were fit enough to go to the white instructors for training. This area I'm referring to was mainly controlled by the Liberian instructors, who were assistant instructors to these white instructors.

There was no proper administration run here. Everything here was like a serious punishment. They said they wanted you to be able to withstand endurance. They called it at the time zero. They said they want to zero you. When you were lucky you will survive it, then they will bring you back to where I mentioned as the area of administration. That was the quarters close to the highway where they had the houses. That was where the administration was run. Feeding and sleeping quarters, everything was there.

The second area where they had this hole that I'm talking about as one of the detention areas, this area was used mainly for our trainings, especially practising combat tactics, shooting exercises. These were the areas, you know? This area was used for that.

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