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Now, I will just read for you from the transcript what came out in your testimony. Your Honours, I'm reading from page 13476, lines 19 through to 29. The question at line 19 was, "When was it that you met him at Dawa?", and your answer was:

"At one time Sam Bockarie left to go to Dawa and he left one of his satellite phones. There was a satellite phone that opens like a laptop computer. Then he called me to carry it on a motorbike and I did so. That was when I met him with Sam Bockarie, so I believe that that was the second time of seeing him in Monrovia at that time."

Then I asked you, "Do you recall what year this was?", and then you say, "When he came finally we asked him to tell us exactly what was going on and he tried to convince us." I think I asked you further to tell the year and you said that it was between '98 and '99. Now about the satellite phone itself, when you took it to Sam Bockarie do you know whether he did anything with it?

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