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As we were told, they said this meeting was the usual routine, you know, by Charles Taylor with the officers who graduated from this course. They said even the first batch that graduated before us also had a meeting with him, you know? So when we had the meeting he welcomed us and appreciated our efforts, but on that day he just expressed more concern about the indiscipline he said he was hearing about the ATU soldiers that were on deployment. He said he regretted the kind of courses the white instructors were giving to us. He was surprised, I mean, to hear that the ATU who have graduated from this course were still causing problems on the street, so he started asking the officers to really bring forward reasons for this indiscipline.

To cut matters short on that day individual officers brought up their own reasons and suggestions, but all the blame went to Bulldog for being responsible for all those. I can remember my own point on that day. When I rose up in the meeting I said one of the points that was responsible for this was that - was the idea that there was no "I" in the team.

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